Joseph Smith Ring ( Joseph's Rings ) - Stainless Steel
Joseph Smith Ring ( Joseph's Rings ) - Stainless Steel
Joseph Smith Ring ( Joseph's Rings ) - Stainless Steel

Joseph Smith Ring ( Joseph's Rings ) - Stainless Steel

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G00172 Joseph Rings

Comes with a cherry wood ring box.

Our Joseph Smith Ring is a replica of one the Prophet Joseph Smith wore. It is believed to be the ring he used in the April 1844 "King Follett" sermon to illustrate the eternal nature of man. Joseph said... "I take my ring from my finger and liken it unto the mind of man - the immortal part - because it has no beginning. Suppose you cut it in two. Then it has a beginning and an end. But join it again, and it continues one eternal round. So with the spirit of man." The ring is on Joseph’s hand in several paintings done during his lifetime.

Sometime after the Prophets Martyrdom in 1844, Emma Smith gave the ring to Alexander Hale Smith, one of their sons. The ring appears on Josephs hand in several paintings done in his lifetime. Today the ring is privately owned. 

Josephs signature on the inside of the ring is an added designer's element. This reproduction is a high quality replica of the original. 

Each ring comes with a beautiful cherry wood box. This ring is also available in sterling silver and 14 kt gold.

 CTR Ring Features

Available in sizes: 6 - 13 (including half sizes)

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver 

Model Number: G00172

Manufacturer: Ringmasters

About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rings mimic the look of fine precious metal but are much more affordable. Stainless steel rings are a smart choice for everyday wear since they will be durable and strong. It is not prone to scratches and damage. Stainless steel does not tarnish like sterling silver can. Stainless steel is a heavier metal while sterling silver is lighter.

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